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White Paper - Over the Top Orchestration
with the Telco Cloud

Over-the-top orchestration with the Telco Cloud.jpg

This white paper highlights the importance of having a high-level "abstraction layer" to bridge and simplify the multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-cloud complexity that is typical of today's telecom networks. In a telecom network, the ability to have a unified control plane to
orchestrate services through a common technology platform can lead to
significant OPEX and even CAPEX savings. This unique and potentially disruptive approach can be an enabling
technology for telcos who are deploying 5G networks. Middleware as a service will go a long way to breaking through the current bottlenecks in the modern telecom

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Sponsored Report - The Rising Tide of Private Wireless in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Rising Tide of Private Wireless cove

There has been a remarkable surge of interest in the deployment of private wireless networks (PWNs) in recent years. The emergence of network access technologies like 5G and
Wi-Fi 6 has created tremendous excitement for new use cases and the potential addressable market for these enterprise solutions.

The Asia-Pacific region is seeing increasing
traction as countries launch 5G and identify spectrum for PWNs. 2021 will be the year that the APAC region sees multiple commercial launches of PWNs.

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Case Study - NOKIA's "Conscious Factory" in Chennai: A Case Study in Digital Transformation

Cover Page - Nokia's Conscious Factory in Chennai A Case Study in Digital Transformation.j

This case study highlights the impact of private networks in enabling Nokia's factory of the future vision and driving the digital transformation of the Chennai plant. Nokia’s Conscious Factory in Chennai, India is a representation of their vision of the Factory of the Future. It builds on the work done in Nokia’s original Conscious Factory in Oulu, Finland, which has been recognized by the World Economic Forum in their Global Lighthouse Network. A showcase case study for India and a testament to the larger market opportunity for enterprises and service providers. 

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