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Mandala Insights

Mandala Insights is an independent analyst firm that offers insights, opinions and research on the network technologies that will drive the next billion digital opportunities in Asia.

Why Mandala?


The mandala had deep roots in Hindu and Buddhist religious and spiritual traditions. A basic interpretation of a mandala is that of a symbol, comprised of geometric patterns representing a microcosm of a universe that is manifold, complex and constantly evolving. Its core is stable and eternal, representing a higher truth that binds the universe and is ultimately attainable by a journey within. We believe that the mandala is a good metaphor for the technology and telecoms industries, with a core DNA that drives ripples of innovation across the world, disrupting and enhancing the worlds adjacent. As a firm, we will seek to analyze these patterns and trends, with a view to always finding the “essence” and delivering valuable insights for our customers.

Founding Team
Shiv Putcha
Founder & Principal Analyst 

Phone: +91-9870183183

Shiv Putcha is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Mandala Insights.
Shiv is also the publisher of a new blog, Beyond the Next Billion.
Prior to founding Mandala, he covered the telecommunications industry in Asia-Pacific for IDC and Ovum, along with stints at the Yankee Group, Qualcomm and LogicaCMG while based in the United States.

Most recently, while at IDC, Shiv was responsible for driving IDC’s research and thought leadership on consumer mobility trends and Telco strategies across the Asia/Pacific region. He also had the additional responsibility as the Interim Telecom Practice Lead for Asia-Pacific in 2016-17 and managed a team of analysts across key Asian markets and coverage areas.

Shiv is a frequent speaker at conferences and client engagements. He is also often invited to present his opinions on news media – CNBC, ET NOW, BBC as well as regularly quoted in print media.

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